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We are the veil between you and your contracted technician. Keeping contractors on one side and you on the other is the best way to handle your in-home private services. This way if you want to not have a contractor back, or choose another or remain confidential in many elements of your booking information – we handle this for you. We ask that you, as guests agree not to solicit our staff for further services outside of our company, ask for staff phone numbers, and not engage in improper or unprofessional behaviors towards our professionals. We ask that you agree to offer a safe, hostile-free and hazard-free working environment. Violation of the above may result in termination of services. This policy keeps all parties’ safe and stress-free as well as limits your interactions, thus limiting your liability.


Your well-being is important to us. Prior to receiving service please inform us of any special needs or medical conditions, pregnancy, hypertension, injuries, broken skin, bruises, broken bones, recovery, medical prescriptions, allergies, or disabilities. Our technician will make every effort to accommodate any special needs. Your safety and comfort are our utmost concerns; we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone based on those concerns or providing a service we believe may be of harm.


We charge a minimum 15% due to travel and the staff get 100% of this; for parties and events we tip share between the various providers of services, including our housekeeping and delivery team. On private services, you are welcome to tip in cash directly to your technician, if you tip under 15%, you will be billed the difference with prior notification. Certainly, if there was an issue we want to know about it directly from you, our guest. You are certainly welcome to give additional appreciation dollars or call our office to let us know the amount you wish to extend.


Our staff have signed confidentiality and privacy contracts. We don’t and won’t sell your emails, names, personal information to anyone.


When we take your pictures, we give them all to you in a drop box and make a free slideshow that is yours to keep. We also may choose from time to time using photos that represent the best of our company on social media such to advertise, promote or market our contractors and services. If you do not want us to post any of your pictures, please let your booking agent know this or ask that she ask permission. No names are every used when posting photos to be used and we only use great photos where you look your best without displaying your location.


We generally take full payment at time of booking with all credit cards and PayPal options. If you need a payment plan just ask. We are small and can accommodate most all requests.


By paying for your party you are agreeing to the above policies and understand this is a privately arranged event and no refunds will be given unless we do not perform our agreement. If we fail to perform/show for a scheduled service you will receive your dollars back 100%. If you are not happy for any reason, we want to know about it and try to make it right. Your satisfaction dictates our future and we appreciate all feedback and comments.


You are agreeing to release all liability from Spa-Go’s pertaining to your own health and medical conditions. Please provide a safe and hazard free work environment, especially due to children, products, and staff. We recommend all valuables be safeguarded and put away from the work area. We want your experience to be the best. Please have services in a well-lit and neutral area within your home. We are insured and licensed and can provide a copy for your records if you need.