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About Us


Anne, Raymond, and Shaina Fisher launched Spa-Go’s Mobile Salon, Spa & Lifestyle Co. in 2005 with the concept of mobile massage.  We grew through the needs and demands of the marketplace and quickly became the #1 favorite among busy persons, seniors, the disabled, children and those with special needs that prevent them from traveling to a salon or spa.


Anne Fisher owns and operates Spa-Go's Mobile Salon, Spa & Lifestyle Co. and has over 30 years experience in the healing arts, wellness and lifestyle industry.  She studied Ayurvedic yogic style massage and body therapies at the famed Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts in 1994, starting her career.  She opened her own skin and body salon in her hometown of Adrian, Michigan.  Anne relocated to Los Angeles, California in 1999.

Anne Fisher taught massage therapy and body therapies at Bryman College in Alhambra, California and the National Institute of Technology, known presently as Everest Institute, in Long Beach, California.  She received her personal fitness trainer certification with ACSM in the late 1990’s.

Today she works primarily as the owner and coordinator of services and parties with Spa-Go's, LLC.  Anne is a lover of animals, seniors, those with special needs and children.   Anne gives credit to her children Raymond and Shaina who were an instrumental part of Spa-Go's beginning.  The company would not be what it is today if not for their young visions, life's journey and tremendous respect for mobile salon and spa as a whole.


Spa-Go's is a privately owned boutique company that has a heart and consciousness and we hope our heart beats all the way to your door!

We believe in a safe experience, we ask you questions about your health so we can give you the absolute best in care and safety.  If we shouldn't do it - we won't risk your safety for the sale.  We follow industry standards of care, safety and sanitation.

We believe in positive energy is equally important as quality product and service care.  Your feelings matter to us.

We believe cleanliness is crucial to your experience and safety.  All of our technicians clean and sanitize their tools after each client.  Because we travel with our tools and kits the sanitation is actually higher than you get at your local shop where they may sanitize nightly.  We sanitize after each service.

We believe in a fair price that is affordable to all and based on fair wages to our staff so that they can have a quality of life while doing what they love to do.  Our prices are not the lowest because we care about our staff and many salons that are offering extremely low wages are staffed with human trafficked individuals that are not treated fairly, paid a fair wage and are unable to report these violations.  If you are in salon where you think there may be "salon slaves", please report this to your local police department.  It is a very big problem in the nail salon and foot massage businesses and if you see something, say something.


"We bring good things to life!"

The salon, spa and fitness industry professionals have been under marketed and under recognized for years.  We believe in this industry and these providers and all the great things they do for the world and people around them.  We believe in equal rights for all.  We believe in diversity.  We believe in one race.  We believe in humanity and hope to offer well care to anyone desiring it, wherever they are.  We thank those who support us, if not for our customer base and our wonderful team members we would not be the strong solid company we are, moving into 14 years of service and operation.  Without you, there would be no us.