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Manicures and Pedicures

We are recruiting right now for awesome self employed independent contractors who specialize in various cosmetology, esthetic, nail, massage and fitness services.  NOW HIRING - Please submit to info@Spa-Gos.com and place HIRE ME in the subject line.  DO NOT place any links - all documents must be pasted in the body of your email.  All areas may apply, all states - however, we are presently only in California.

1/ Name

2/ Verified residential address

3/ State License Validity (must be non expired)

4/ Personal Resume with Experience Listed

5/ Personal Menu Of Services & Price List For Consumer Presentation

6/ Ratings & Comments Kept and Averaged For Performance Review

7/ Auto Make, Model, Year and Insurance Proof

8/ Professional Liability Insurance Policy In Force

9/ Tax Reporting Form On File, Form 1099 - Self Employed Contractor

10/ Verification of Work Eligibility in USA, Form I-9

11/ HIPPA Certified or Trained

12/ References Checked (minimum 3)

13/ Photo For Easy Identification

14/ Photo Of Their Work Equipment and/or Salon or Day Spa

15/ Skype or Face time Interview

16/ Signed Work Agreement - agreeing to abide by all city/county/state and board of their profession standards, codes and regulations.

*For an additional fee and request, we has you agree that we verify same day background check for recent arrests or convictions; doing business as certificate on file and valid; business city and/or county permits on file and valid for your customer.  Licenses and permits for your special event may need to be arranged in advance, please consult with our "Party Queen" for guidance.