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Hair Styling, Braiding, Blow Outs, Updo's and Make-Up


*We service all hair types and ethnicities and can match a professional with you for the best in service results. African American, Asian, Curly, Straight, Course, Thin, Blonde, Ombre, Razor Cuts, Fades – Just ask!

*If you are choosing a service that is only allowed in a salon - we can recommend you to one in your area - we'll let you know when you place your order.

*Mobile colors, hi and lo lites, perms, Brazilian Blow Outs -WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND IN SALON CARE. If you can't due to a special issue, we will assess your needs, make sure we can find a way to offer you safe care and do our best.  The salon is so much more enjoyable and has everything on site.  However, Let us design your spare room into your very own "salon, day spa, and fitness room".  We can make that extra room into something very special.  It isn't a major remodel, everything can be easily put in so if you did want to use the room in another capacity you can!  Our course, a fully plumbed mini salon is every woman's dream and for the busy professional, you will be the talk of the town with your own space.  The hygiene will be controlled, must safer than a general public shared space.

-Blow Out & Style $99
-Blow Out with Simple Braid or Styling $125
-Up-Do or Braid $99
-Bridal Up-Do or Styling $150 and up
-Large Rollers & Style $99
-Artistic Design Special Effects $300
-Hair Cut $99, blow out included.
-Bang Trim $20 (kids $10) *add on only to adult service

$75 minimum house call

-Trim Ends Only $20
-Perm $185
-Specialty: Color $tbd
-Specialty: Hi/Low Lites $tbd
-Specialty: Straightener $tbd
-Specialty: Extensions $tbd
-Other Call For Pricing (please show picture of what you have and what you want to assist the technician with pricing quote)

    - All Day 5 hours $125/hour = $625.00
    - $250/hour (under 5 hours) for hair/make-up, 1 tech
  • Blow Out, Style, Braiding or Have a Full Day At Your Salon With One Of Our Top Trained Technicians
  • All Day 5 hours $125/hour = $625.00
  • $250/90 min. group up to 6 or $50 per person.
  • Instruction To Moms – Private Parties
  • $125/hour; $175/1.5 hour or $225 2 hours


Men's Straight Razor Shave with Brows, Nose Hair, Ear Hair and Side Burns Groomed $150

Men's Cut and Shave $198

Men's Cut, Style and Groom (hair on nose, ears, brows) $225


Kids Cuts $50
Kids, Tween and Teen Cuts $50
Add Tot's Blow & Style or Braid (ages 3-5) Service $20

Add Children's Cut, Blow & Style or Braid (ages 6-10) Service $75
Add Tween's Cut, Blow & Style or Braid (ages 11-14) Service $99

Add Teen's Cut, Blow & Style or Braid (ages 15-17) Service $125
Bang Trim $25 (kids any age)